AIM 4 The Cloud Inc, is Canadian owned and operated with our headquarters in Vancouver, BC. Our organization has a global footprint with data centers in Asia, Europe and North America. This allows our clients, and road warriors alike, remote access to any and all of their essential communication tools, from anywhere in the world, be it from the comfort of their home or during a business trip to Tokyo, Japan.

We are your virtual office in the cloud. Our company’s mission, is to provide traditional office based services in the cloud, empowering clients to utilize our services globally and hassle free.

Our communication tools include, Cloud VoIP, Corporate messaging and groupware email with similar feature sets as Exchange.

We also provide intranet services for file storage and external file sharing, and website hosting that supports technologies such as WordPress and Drupal.

All our services are backed up and are configured using a high availability setup, ensuring access to your communication tools even if one of our servers goes down!

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